"A Blade of Grass has been my first 'solo' project put into Development.
Having to be talked into to utilizing my Fortune-ranked corporate experience
to produce my own projects, I was surprised at the ease the development process has been.
Now, I laugh at myself for taking so long to get started!"
Ruth Evelyn


Ruth Evelyn
A passionate story-telling writer, Ruth Evelyn merges her entrepreneurial upbringing where, early in life, she learned production values from her drill-sergent father and creative flow from her musical mother - with - more than twenty-five years of Fortune-ranked business experience in team/division management, division start-up, contract management and IT systems development - with - two decades post-corporate entreprenurialism in freelance creative arts, gallery ownership, education systems development, individual mentoring, executive consulting in business and science - and, of course, writing. Ever more passionate as her familiarity with structure and flow grew into screenwriting successes, Ruth Evelyn founded Sweet Bliss Productions, where every element of her life comes together with full integration.

Translating her success in corporate/project management, leadership and personal development mentoring into filmmaking, Ruth starts every project with the foundation of the Authentic Voice of the Story. Ruth believes guiding the Writer through the critical evolution of maintaining the story's authentic voice while creating a viable commercial product, provides the Director and Investors with the strong foundation that launches resonant collaborations, leads to relevant productions, audience appreciation and return on investment.




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