Sweet Bliss Productions is a boutique company specializing in one-on-one relationship with the Writer during the Development process, utilization of script analytics to improve Investor success and a deliberate Director search to match the quality of the project. We feel this process delivers a commercially viable product to the Investors, Distributors, the Director and Talent. Participating in this experience, Writers gain extraordinary insight into the script-to-Decision-Maker nuances and will improve your success for current and future projects.

We charge a Development fee for the services we provide to bring your screenplay into film funded status. This fee is returned to you (along with the purchase of your script) when the financial transactions occur during pre-production. Our Development services includes:

  • Script developed with Writer for investment
  • Budget Preparation
  • Finance Package Preparation
  • Director Search
  • Talent Search
  • Production Company Setup
  • Film Funding Process

Please Note: We do not accept horror genre or explicit material.

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