Sweet Bliss Productions uniquely specializes in one-on-one relationship with the Original Writer during the script polishing process.

In recent years, the Entertainment Industry has begun to acknowledge that a film or televison show does not exist without the Original Story written by its Original Writer. As Writers ourselves, we acknowledge the necessary and spontaneous changes that occur as the Original Story becomes its visual representation on the screen. Whether a change is a business decision or moment of brilliance, the evolution of a screenplay can leave its Original Author feeling quite uncomfortable and downright angry through the process.

Our Writing Team is experienced in screenwriting education and mentoring, as well as the technical aspects of both the business and production of sides of filmmaking. We provide a balanced approach to presenting your story into the trending metrics of the entertainment field, with a bit of a push to expand our human imagination!

After our Writing Team provides the Script Doctor services, Sweet Bliss Productions will Develop and Produce your story into a movie for theatrical release. See Our Services for more information.

  • Script Doctor and Development Funding are fee based services with payment options.
    • The Script Doctor fee is refunded when Development is fully funded.
    • The Development Funding fee is refunded at First Draw of Pre-Production funding, along with the Purchase of the Script.

Please Note: We do not accept horror genre or explicit material.

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