The Evolution of a Screenplay
The Story Script is the original story written by the Screenwriter. It is the screenplay that introducion to and conveys the emotional depth, imagery, character perspectives, the world(s), etc. The Story Script is an emotional rendering in words. The closer the Story Script is written in standard Industry format, the more likely it is to be received to be read by experienced Industry Professionals.

The Marketing Script is the result the Story Script accepted by Experienced Industry Professionals (Producers) as being viable for investment. The Producer hires an Experienced Industry Screenwriter (the Script Doctor) to adjust the Story Script to be concise in dialogue, action and practical matters, such as minimizing expensive dialogue/repetition, quantity of locations/scenes and other matters that would draw in (or turn away) the Investors that support production and distribution.

The Shooting Script is focused on technical matters, such as lighting, set and costume design, flow of dialogue, etc. in order to manage all filming elements geared to quality outcomes while staying within the budget. From the moment the Director first reads the Marketing Script, their brain shifts into action to mentally disect each scene into its many components. The Shooting Script is the result of the Director rebuilding those components into a set of written instructions (via the script) that guide the Cast and Crew through filming.

The Final Script is the outcome of deliberate and spontaneous changes that occurred during filming, repiecing filmed segments together during post-production edits that conveys the story, testing the results with audiences and obtaining final approvals from the layers of those People who invested in and greenlit the project in the first place.

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